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Lab Direct at ExpressCare (Central location only)

Billings Clinic ExpressCare - Central Now Offering Lab Direct You order the tests. We send you the results!
Designed to enhance your relationship with your health care provider, Billings Clinic Lab Direct lets you order lab tests without a physician order. Just walk in our convenient location and order the tests you desire. We’ll send you the results. No appointment needed.

Tuesdays * 8 to 10 am
ExpressCare (Central location only) - 511 Central Avenue
Payment by check or credit card is required at the time of service. Your insurance will not be billed.
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Rising Rx Drug Costs Continue to Create Tough Choices for Seniors

WEDNESDAY, May 22, 2019 -- A solid minority of senior citizens still struggles to afford their prescription medications, a new government report shows.

About 5% of adults 65 and older don't take their medication as prescribed to cut costs, according to survey data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Anger a Threat to Health in Old Age

THURSDAY, May 9, 2019 -- The loss of loved ones can hit the elderly particularly hard, but a new study suggests it's anger, and not sadness, that may damage the aging body more.

Anger can increase inflammation, which is linked with conditions such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis, the researchers said.

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Quick Test Helps Predict Hospital Readmission Risk After Heart Attack

TUESDAY, April 23, 2019 -- For elderly heart attack survivors, how well they perform on a simple mobility test could help predict whether they will be back in the hospital within a month, researchers say.

Nearly one in five of these heart patients are readmitted with complications such as heart failure, bleeding or irregular heart beat within 30 days after leaving the hospital.

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