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Shape Up Montana 2020

Shape Up Montana Billings Clinic is a proud community sponsor.
  • Team Wellness Program is from February 1 to May 1
  • $10 Scheels Gift Card for first 500 Team Captains
Register online and learn more.
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Music Does Give Your Workout a Boost

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 8, 2020 -- Gymgoers who've accidentally left their headphones at home might be all too familiar with this frustrating feeling: Exercising without music is a much harder go.

And now a broad new review of nearly 140 studies -- the first of its kind -- suggests there's real science to back that up, with clear evidence that music not only makes exercise seem easier and more enjoyable but actually results in a more productive, efficient workout.

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The Exercise Effect and Prediabetes

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 23, 2019 -- If you've been told that your blood glucose is higher than normal and that you have prediabetes, your doctor is likely to first suggest lifestyle steps to stop it from progressing to diabetes.

The steps that can have the most benefit are losing weight and improving your diet, which obviously go hand in hand.

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